How do I get started buying?

  • You must become a member on the site in order to have access to buying – You Sign up using the registration form -choose a membership plan –  fill out all of the fields to become a member — , agree to our terms and conditions, proceed to paying for your membership and then shop all you want. Or if you find a product you like and want to quickly make the purchase before its sold you can select the free trail box on the checkout page. This also allows you to become a member. 


How do I get started selling?

  • Whatever you are selling, snap a picture of it, write a simple description, post it, and wait for it to sell.
  • If you already created a membership- You log onto your sellers dashboard located at the top right of the website header- Click on products – Select Add New. From there you must fill out all of the required fields. Its quick and simple. After your done feel free to share your product link with your personal social media accounts to help it sell! or post more products!

What can I sell?

  • Fizno specializes in dirt bikes, ATVs, UTVs, and motorcycles parts. Sellers are encouraged to post any kind of auto part within each category. If you happen to have other products that youd like to list i.e Clothes , Electronics , Tools , anything thats not listed on the forbidden post list. You may do so in the “Other” Category. 

How much can I post to sell?

  • Depending what membership level you choose you can post up to 10 items under the basic membership lever, unlimited posts under the enhanced membership lever.
  • What are the commision rates for sellers?
    • Fizno platform does not take a commission of the final product sale. Sellers will have to pay the 2.9% paypal + $0.30 tranaction fee.


Shipping is handled between the buyer and seller. Whatever method is best fit to ship the product being sold will be used by the seller. If you have questions about what shipping method the seller is going to use and does not state it in their listing. You must reach out to the seller and ask which shipping method is going to be used before making the purchase.

Fizno is completely hands off with shipping. It is up to the seller to decide what they will charge to ship their product for sale.

Shipping pricing is located directly next to the product pricing on a single product page. The seller can choose to offer a flat rate or free shipping.

International Shipping

At this time Fizno’s platform is only used within the US. If you have questions about having a product shipped internationally. You must contact that specific vendor outside of the platform to discuss international shipping options.

My Store

To set up your own personal store, you must register under the registration forms.

First – select which plan best fits your needs. The basic plan is 3.99 Monthly and that will allow you to sell up to 10 products total. The enhanced membership. The one we recommend is the best membership because it allows you to sell unlimited amount of products up for a montlhy cost of $9.99.

You can add your location to your store to help buyers get an idea of where their products will be shipped from. We recommend using social media platforms to share your store with others to help drive sales!



Fizno is completely hands-off with returns and leaves return policy completely up to the seller’s choice. If your product does not arrive as described or damaged. You must contact the seller if there is an issue with your product. Every payment is processes under paypal. Paypal has Buyer Protection when you pay with a PayPal account. The Purchase protection covers all eligible purchases that are processed through paypal. To take advantage of Buyers protection, Paypal requires, among other things, that Paypal accounts be kept in good standing and ask that a dispute be filed within 180 days of your purchase or payment.

Buyer Protection

Every payment is processes under paypal. Paypal has Buyer Protection. The Purchase protection covers all eligible purchases that are processed through paypal. To take advantage of Buyers protection, Paypal requires, among other things, that Paypal accounts be kept in good standing and ask that a dispute be filed within 180 days of your purchase or payment.

Prohibited and Restricted Items

Adult Items are prohibited.

Alcohol Items are prohibited. However, you are allowed to sell empty glass, cans or bottles.

Animals and Wildlife – The selling of animals and wildlife are prohibited. Pets and other live animals are not allowed to be listed for sale on our site.

Selling Art – You can sell YOUR original artwork and other artwork that you’re authorized to resell. Your listings must clearly state if the artwork is reproduced and doesn’t violate copyright laws, or trademarks. If you post other artists work you must clearly state who its made by. Replicas must state that its a reproduction within the title and listing description.

Artifacts – You can list authentic artifacts, fossils, and relics, as long as they meet all of the following criteria. If the item has been reworked or modernized in any way, it has to be fully described as such in the listing. The item has to match the time-period category that it’s listed in.

Autographed Items- If you are selling an autograph item, you must sell it with Certificates of Authenticity (COA) or letters of authenticity (LOAS). If the item is a reprint. You must state that it an authorized pre-printed autograph.

Catalytic Converters and Test Pipes – Yes, as long as it has been recertified and it meets the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) requirements for sale. However, if the used catalytic converter hasn’t been recertified, the listing can’t contain make and model information, and it must be listed as scrap metal.

Used Clothing – You may list clothing on the site with the exception of. Used underwear, socks, stained clothing, stained athletic garments.

Debit and Credit Cards – You can NOT sell used debit or credit cards on

Digitally Delivered Goods Policy – Selling digitally delivered goods are prohibited on

Drugs and Drug Paraphernalia – you can NOT sell drugs or drug paraphernalia.

Electronic and Surveillance Devices – The sale of electronic equipment in the US is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). You can’t list equipment prohibited by the FCC, such as a cell, GPS and other signal jamming devices.

Firearms, Weapons, and Knives – Selling Firearms and Weapons are prohibited. Selling Firearm and Weapon parts are prohibited. Knives can be sold however you cannot sell – Automatic knives, Balisong knives, Butterfly knives, Dual-action knives, Gravity knives, Hidden or disguised knives such as air gauge knives, belt buckle knives, lipstick case knives, or writing pen knives, Out-the-front (OTF) knives, Paratrooper knives, Push knives—also called push daggers, punch daggers, punch knives, push dirks, and T-handled knives, Replica or imitation switchblades, Switchblade knives (knives with a blade that open automatically—for example, by pressing a button or through inertia or gravity), Sword canes.

Food Policy – You cannot sell food on

Gift Cards – You can list three types of gift cards on retail gift cards, paper-based gift certificates, and phone cards for minutes. You should also make sure to include the card’s expiration date in your listing if it has one.

Government, transit, and shipping-related products-You can list vintage uniforms or clothing and accessories such as hats, gloves, hand bags as long as the item is 12 years old or older. No longer used by any transportation company and doesn’t look like any current uniforms or accessories used.

Government documents– You can list antique or vintage government documents more than 90 years old. Items such as birth certificates, ship captains licenses. US passport that were issues more than 25 years ago before the date of sale can be listed.

Hazardous, restricted or regulated materials can not be sold or listed on

Human remains and body parts can NOT be sold on

Lockpicking devices– You are not allowed to list or sell lock picking items on Fizno.

Chance listings– You are not allowed to post any chance listings on

Mailing lists and personal information– You cannot sell contact information on

Coupon Policy– You can sell up to $150 or 35 valid, unexpired, original coupons every 40 days. All coupon listings must be valid and original. Electronic coupons are prohibited.

Medical drugs, healthcare– The selling of anything related to medical drugs and healthcare is PROHIBITED on

Personal relationships and services– You can NOT offer listings for personal relationships or online.

Police- Related Items – The selling of policy related items is restricted on

Real Estate – The listing of real estate is prohibited on

Event Ticket– The selling of event tickets on are allowed. The ticket must be legit and 100% usable. If you purchased a ticket from a seller and the event happen to be canceled. Then it is recommended you reach out to the seller with what you should do next. Make sure you understand and get full details before buying tickets from a seller on

Slot Machines– Depending on your current state laws, you may sell slot machines on There are some restrictions and regulations when selling these machines. Please review your state laws when listing these items.

Stamps, currency, and coins– It is prohibited to list counterfeit coins, stamps, equipment to make money on Only real legit stamps and currency and coins are allowed to be listed.

Stocks and other securities– The selling of stocks and other securities are not allowed to be listed on

Stolen Property– It is prohibited to sell stolen items on If you have reason to believe something that you see is listed. Please report the item and contact your local law enforcement.

Travel Policy– You cannot list any travel services on

Used Cosmetics– You cannot list any used cosmetics on



Fizno Membership & Fees

Depending what membership plan you choose Fizno is a platform where you will be billed montly or annually for your buying and selling membership fee.

Fizno platform does not take any commission fees off the final sale price. However, there is a 3% transaction fee. This transaction fee will give you eligibility to be protected under Paypal’s buyers Protection Program.

There are 3 types of memberships you can choose from.

Basic membership – This $3.99 membership allows you unlimited buying access to the site. With the Basic membership fee you are able to post and sell up to 10 products total. If you want to sell more then 10 products then we recommend you signing up for the enhanced membership.

Enhanced membership – This $12.99 membership allows you unlimited buying access to the site. With the Enhanced membership, you are able to post and sell unlimited products.

Annual membership- This yearly $99.99 membership is strongly recommended for those who plan to sell over 10 products and use this platform to make money. It will save you some money by paying for a yearly membership over a monthly plan.

Trust and Safety

Is my card information secured?

  • All transactions are handled by PayPal, therefore maximum security is guaranteed with every purchase.
  • Fizno’s Platform uses third party payment processors, such as PayPal, that do not require you to provide credit card information to Fizno or participating merchants. Fizno does not collect credit card numbers.

Contact us:

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